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*Before sharing any curriculum online, be sure to check the company's policy.

Group has a list of FREE resources HERE and they add to it weekly.

Carey Nieuhof's Blog has a lot of articles on leading through crisis. 

Online Interactions with Kids

Instagram Accounts/Facebook Groups

- Live lessons (over Zoom- share screen feature, Facebook/Instagram live)

- daily memory verses


- challenges (scavenger hunts in the

home/backyard, build something and send in a video, memory verse challenges)


- dress up days for you and the kids (themed)


- daily devotions


- Zoom calls with your kids - Zoom Group Games (geared for youth, but can be adapted for kids!)


- drop-off activity packages for families (i.e. Easter Party in a box, materials to make a sock puppet etc.)


- Play Kahoot! (online quizzes, students log in and complete with each other, can make your own quizzes or use ones already made)

LifeTree is making all music FREE until August 31, with their code: "STREAMNOW". (Click here)

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